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Hello all!
At the Fall Workshops, we had the following question regarding whether or not we could consider a student an unaccompanied or homeless. youth.


A student is court-ordered to go to counseling AND court-ordered not to contact or visit parents during his/her stay at counseling (it is a rehabilitation-center). Would the student be considered unaccompanied in this case?

This is the response we had received from our NAEHCY expert, Cyeaka:

For this first scenario the student would be considered unaccompanied, if the court order is preventing contact, communication, etc. I can’t imagine there would be a whole lot of support going on here. However I would also look at the span of the court order, is a 30 days and the student can go back home? Did the student indicate that there is underlying issues that would prevent him/her from really ever going back home? Does the student lack fixed, regular, adequate nighttime residence in the mist of all of this? Is the rehabilitation center the only place the student can call home? I know this is a lot more questions, but I would raise them to cover all the basis. If the answer is yes the student can’t go home, has no intention of returning home, has no other housing, then I would make the determination that the student is an unaccompanied homeless youth. If the student’s housing changes and the relationship stabilizes, and the student can go back home then I would make the student dependent.


Thank you all again for your participation and great questions!

For those of you going to the training on 11/05, the Diversity Committee will be offering the session once again!


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