ILASFAA Legislative Blog Wednesday Energizer!

The 2014-2015 Legislative Issues Committee for the Illinois Association of Financial Aid Administrators is underway with its third Blog!

The goal for 2014-2015 is to provide resources that allow members to be engaged in the legislative process.  The top three objectives for this award year are to:

  1. Explore ways to create and grow relationships with State and Federal legislators and their staff.
  2. Encourage discussion, educate the membership, and provide tools that will enable members to be engaged in the legislative process.
  3. Provide resources detailing necessary steps to respond to proposed regulations and negotiated rule making.

The ILASFAA Legislative Issues Committee wants to energize its members and possibly recruit new members with monthly blogs of briefings from the Federal and State levels.  We aim for conversation, so for all of you subscribed to this Blog let us hear your thoughts!

State Briefings

“Pay It Forward, Pay It Back” (or “PIF”)

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) has created a new resource page as a way to gather feedback and information regarding college financing models external to Illinois.

Public Act 98-920 directs ISAC to study the practicality and feasibility of implementing a PIF program in Illinois. In PIF models, the State or the college initially covers all or a portion of the student’s education costs (e.g., tuition and mandatory fees), and the student pays the system back by contributing a percentage of his or her income for a number of years after leaving school.

  1. What are the pros, cons and outstanding questions policymakers should consider when deciding whether or not to establish such a plan?
  2. What is an appropriate size or structure for such a plan?
  3. What are some observations, insights or concerns that should be taken into account after finding similar models in other states?

ILASFAA Legislative Issues would love to hear your feedback on the blog!  Further, ISAC wants to hear from you on the questions outlined above.  Comments can be emailed to: prior to October 31, 2014 to ensure adequate time for consideration and necessary follow-up. The entire study is due December 1, 2014.

Springfield Visit Reminder

The Legislative Issues Committee is working now on marketing the Spring Springfield Visit.  We need your attendance at the 2015 event.  Can we count on your participation?  As we prepare, we would appreciate your feedback to the Blog to the following questions:

  1. During spring term, when would be a good time for a meet and greet?
  2. How much lead time would you need in order to confirm your attendance?
  3. How frequently do you interact with your legislative liaison on campus?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

1 thought on “ILASFAA Legislative Blog Wednesday Energizer!

  1. Regarding a Springfield meet & greet, Mondays and Wednesdays are the most problematic here. I would need three weeks or so to confirm attendance (especially if I can try to get others to attend!). I don’t even know if we have a legislative liaison on campus–so I guess that answers that question!

    I’m really looking forward to the Springfield trip, and hope I can come this year!

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