ILASFAA Legislative Issues Committee wants to hear from you!

Reference:  DCL ID: GEN-15-03

Wind-down of the Federal Perkins Loan Program

The 2014-2015 Legislative Issues Committee wants to hear from you!  What discussions have taken place on your campus regarding future awarding of the Federal Perkins Loan?

  1. Has the Financial Aid Office initiated dialog with Bursar Services (e.g. Student Loan Collections) and/or Controller’s Office regarding the possible loss of administrative cost allowance?
  2. Is your institution awarding Federal Perkins for 2015-2016 to all students with the first disbursement taking place prior to September 30, 2015?
  3. What are your thoughts on capturing transfer students for Spring, 2016 who received Federal Perkins disbursements from a previous institution (prior to September 30, 2015)?
  4. What are your general thoughts about Dear Colleague Letter 15-03?


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