College Goal Sunday Resources

This year, the CAP Committee has had a few task forces which have been working to make more customizable resources available to ILASFAA members and reach out to new audiences. While we intend on continuing these efforts if future years, I wanted to pose the following questions/requests to ILASFAA members to gauge our next steps.

1. Do you feel that the number of handouts and resources allotted to CGS sites is adequate to meet all populations (Homeless Youth, English Language Learners, etc)? If not, what type of resources do you think are most needed?

2. Does your office currently do any sort of early outreach to elementary or middle school parents? If so, do you have resources or program details you would be comfortable sharing? If not, would you be willing to contribute to discussions on early outreach and access?

3. Do you have pictures from College Goal Sunday you would like to share? If so, please send them to me at We would like to start a tradition of doing collages for College Goal Sunday this year.

If you took pictures using your smartphone, please be aware that the flashdrives provided this year do have a mini-usb portion which should plug into your phone’s charger (for some models, it seems).

Hope it’s been a great year for all!!

-Andrew V