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Executive Board Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2002
Bone Student Center
Illinois State University

Members in attendance
Orlo Austin, Kathy Facenda, Sue Swisher, Bill Bushaw, Kathy Johnson, Kathleen Webster, Mark Holysz, Rhonda Cors, Colby Sellers, Tynia Kessler, Jone Zieren.

Meeting began with Formula Committee report submitted by Terry Jackson, not present. Jone Zieren spoke on behalf of the committee. All issues still in the discussion phase. Commission meeting is scheduled for the end of January. Tentative recommendations are to replace FY02 Pell Grant amount of $3,750 with FY03 Pell Grant amount of $4000 for the MAP start-up in FY04. This will result in savings of $6 million. Also suggested replacing the FY02 tuition and fees with FY03 tuition and fees at 95% of the total value. Committee is also recommending the same level of funding for MAP.

Treasurer's Report - Sue Swisher
Cash flow report provided for 7/1/2002-11/15/2002 along with an updated Budget report for 7/1/2002-6/30/2003. Current values for Scudder account is $59,361 and Merrill Lynch is $90,448.93. Motioned to approve the report by Kathy Facenda; seconded by Kathy Johnson. Motion passed.

Secretary's Report - Mary Shaw
Minutes submitted from the August 7, 2002 meeting. Minutes approved with clarifications to MAP suspension bullet and President's Report regarding student success stories. Jone Zieren motioned for minutes to be approved with changes noted; Rhonda Cors seconded. Motioned passed.
ISAC Update - Mark Holysz
On the Federal level
  • With recent election results, reauthorization time frames will likely move up. Possibly signed into law by summer 2004 prior to November elections.
  • Congress has not approved several appropriation bills. House passed another Continuing Resolution through 1/11/2003 and the Senate is expected to do the same.
  • Serial function on MPN for Stafford is tied up at the Department. FFELP recommendation is for loan certified on or after 2/1/03 and also provides for parity of when Direct Lending will begin use.
  • PLUS MPN is finally in its last review period to have it available for 2003-2004. Lenders and guarantee agencies are anxious for final version due to programming needed to prepare for the 03/04 year. CommonLine will need an addendum to accommodate the PLUS MPN for 03/04 year.
  • Due to the federal budget deficit, a budget reconciliation bill expected in early 2003. It is hoped that higher education and student loans stay off the table at this time.

On the State level
  • IBHE survey questionnaire and assessment on affordability for Illinois students and families. The Board members asked which office or offices had the survey been directed to at each institutions. Orlo suggested that the survey might need to be post out to the list-serve.
  • Fall Financial Aid seminars are underway. High school and Admission sessions completed with almost 1200 attendees at 15 seminars. Mark said thank you on behalf of the ISAC staff for everyone's assistance and participation.
  • Commission approved the elimination of the 1% guarantee fee through June 30, 2004.
  • State Scholars will be finalized before November 28, 2002.
  • Teacher Education Scholarships-applications for the Special Education Teacher Tuition Waiver Program (SETTW), ITEACH and MTI are in the final stages to be posted on the web-site. Open to freshmen as of 03/04; preference will still be given to the juniors and seniors. Student recipients currently receive award with agreement to teach within 5 years. Under the new note affective for 03/04, the time frame changes to teaching within one year of graduation. Once a student receives funds under a new note, it changes all of the previous notes received to an obligation of teaching within one year of graduation.
  • Additional state cuts requested yesterday with another 2% from the state operational funds.
  • Revamp of the web site continues with brand image for ISAC called "College Zone". ISAC Updates will go electronic a little later than planned when the new web site goes live.
Bill Bushaw asked how the students would be notified of the new requirements for the ITEACH. Mark indicated that students would be notified of the change upon signing the new note for 03/04. Orlo Austin asked Mark to check into possible decreases for MRS.

Rules and Operations Committee - Bill Bushaw
Bill discussed timetable detailed in committee's written report. A positive note for FY03 were the National Guard recipient letters arriving early. This allowed the schools to service the students better than in past years with letters arriving right at the start of school. Bill reviewed the rule changes proposed in the report. Highlighted the proposed change in the current limit of 16 hours for public institutions to 19 hours limit for MAP. Mark indicated that the state is studying the funding needed for the additional hours. Jone clarified for other members present that currently Community Colleges already have the ability to receive payment for greater than 16 hours. Orlo Austin indicated that this limit does not give incentive for those progressing quickly towards degree completion, in light of the 5th year loss in MAP funds. Bill asked that the proposal to fund MAP at clock hour schools be moved to a studying situation until funds are approved for the greater than 16 hours at public institutions. Additional changes recommended to ISAC for the application and certification process for MTI/ former DeBolt/ITEACH programs. Extensive discussion by members on questions regarding the special education fees waivers and the change to mandatory fees or "all" fees including the student insurance fees.

Financial Aid Awareness Committee (FAAM) - Kathy Johnson
Written report submitted. Host site training occurring today. Almost 70 FAAM sites with the expectation that they will soon exceed that number. Media kits will be going out soon. Volunteers needed to do presentations at FAFSA completion sites. There are a few conflicts in scheduling (i.e. the Oswego sites). Orlo asked that we send a request for volunteers out to the list-serve, post the current presentations available, and list the sites and dates currently scheduled. Some sites, such as Aurora , have combined tax preparation and FAFSA completion. See web site for information at: www.taxassistance.com . With the increase in transfer and community college students, the focus of FAAM is really moving more year round. Shawn Warden has made great stride in breaking back into the Chicago public schools. The Governor-Elect wants to double the number of FAAM sites and target early awareness.

Colby Sellers brought up the idea of submitting the activities of the FAAM Committee for consideration for a NASFAA award.

Meeting broke for lunch at 12:15 p.m.

Meeting resumed after lunch with Orlo Austin's request to review the finding on College Goal Sunday. Kathleen Webster attended the invitation on College Goal Sunday, as Kathy Johnson was unable to attend due to childcare reason. Kathleen indicated the following findings:
  • USA group and the Lilly endowment started this program.
  • When USA group was sold, Lumina branched off from the original USA group.
  • Lumina and Lilly invested funds and used these investments as the funding source for College Goal Sunday.
  • First College Goal Sunday was held in Indiana . Long term goal is to have all states nation wide hosting a College Goal Sunday.
  • Inviting ILASFAA to attend the meeting was the first step to get started. January 1, 2003 , ILASFAA would be provided with a $7,500 planning grant. By July 1, 2003 , ILASFAA has to submit the budget and plan to apply for the master grant of $250,000 for three years with the intention of having a planning goal Sunday in January 2004. Kathleen felt this program would be of great assistance, as ILASFAA would have funds for publicity. This might help with the areas in which FAAM struggles, such as the rural areas of southern Illinois and the Chicago public schools.
  • Lumen requires that no lenders or college search organizations be promoted as sponsors or present at College Goal Sunday.
  • The Lumina Foundation or College Goal logo needs to use on our publications and Kathleen brought examples to review.
Discussion on the high school financial aid nights and how to open it up to more areas. Kathy Facenda brought up concerns on the number of FAFSA completion sites and also adding several Sundays in February. Kathy Johnson stated that ILASFAA can pick our own days and maybe some of our Sunday sites would merge into College Goal Sunday. Orlo asked that the members present organize the primary issues for the decisions needed today. Orlo asked what would happen in year 4 when the funds are not available for media blasts and the public relations firms? Kathleen Webster indicated that her impression was the success from the prior three years usually carries the program into the years past Lumina funding. She also indicated that ILASFAA could appeal for additional funds but that no state other than Indiana was that far into the process. Mary Shaw asked if only the Lumina logo could be used or could ILASFAA also tie in other organizations/associations such as ISAC, ICAC. Kathy Johnson stated that other contributor could be included, but Lumina needed to be recognized also as the primary participant.

Mary Shaw asked Mark Holysz about the state's perception of this program. Mark stated that there were concerns about the former ties to USA group. ISAC is currently checking into the proposal closely, researching the website. There were concerns on some of the intake information such as student's social security numbers and what that would be used for. Kathleen Webster indicated that this information was optional and ILASFAA could choose to not request that data. Both Kathleen Webster and Kathy Johnson indicated that they could manage this within the current FAAM committee, funneling the funds through Sue Swisher into the ILASFAA accounts.

Bill Bushaw asked what type of budget or funds would be needed to move forward on the publicity. The board members had concerns about restrictions or limitation on ILASFAA participation. Orlo Austin indicated that it was difficult to determine a downside for this proposal. Mary Shaw asked what commitments did ILASFAA agree to in receiving funds for the planning grant proposal should the Board approve participation. Kathleen Webster indicated that there didn't appear to be any restrictions. Orlo Austin stated that the Board approval would be contingent upon additional review if any conditions were determined. Al Hogan and Eddie will still be involved, but due to connection with ISAC, Kathy Johnson and Kathleen Webster will lead the proposals.

Jone Zieren motioned that ILASFAA pursue the grant proposal; Rhonda Cors seconded. Five votes approved. Two votes abstained.

Regional Coordinators
Northern Region - Ken McGhee - not in attendance; written report submitted.
Chicago Region - Paula Luff - not in attendance; no written report.

Southern Regional Coordinator - Tynia Kessler
Written report submitted. Goals are to attend the committee meetings and schedule a regional meeting.

Vice President Senior Public - Jone Zieren
Meeting of the Senior Public on Thursday and Friday this week at U of I. No written report submitted and no new business at this time.

Executive Vice-President - Rhonda Cors
ILASFAA audit held last week with a few recommendations submitted in the written report. Tynia motioned for approval of the audit; Jone Zieren seconded. Motion approved.

Board members reviewed the conference program and made minor changes to the agenda. Kathy Facenda asked about the format for Sunday evening and the newcomer recognition. Rhonda indicated that Sunday event would be informal and the newcomers would be linked up with a board member for introductions.

President-Elect - Colby Sellers
No written report submitted and no new business to address.

Past President - Kathy Facenda
No written report. Kathy brought up the nomination process for the election. Nomination deadline is this Friday. Kathy made a plea for everyone to give serious consideration to ILASFAA members that would be willing to run for office. Meeting next Monday to finalize the election ballot. Kathy indicated that the election process needed to be finalized in time for the new President Elect to attend the NASFAA Leadership training.

President's Report: Orlo Austin
Attended the meetings for President's Counsel, the Conference Program Committee at U of I, and the Formula Committee at Heartland Community College . Personal issues for Mary Deathridge has warranted adding MaryBeth Maloney as co-chair for the committee. Orlo also attended MASFAA but the Illinois numbers were low. Orlo thanked Colby Sellers for chairing the state meeting at MASFAA. Colby also thanked ISAC for supplying the food serve at the meeting.

Old Business
Colby Sellers and Kathy Facenda gave an update from the committee form by Orlo Austin in August to review the web-site proposals. Colby and Kathy gave an overview of the proposal and additional data from ATAC. It was the committee's recommendation that the Board discuss approval of the ATAC proposal. Jone Zieren felt that due to such a large cost investment that a vote needed to be put forth. Jone motioned that the appropriate board members move forward on finalizing the contact with ATAC for the ILASFAA web-site proposal; Mary Shaw seconded. Motioned passed.

New Business
Colby Sellers brought up the idea of a book drive to be coordinated in conjunction with the April conference. He mentioned that most conferences have some type of donation or fundraising activities for attendees. Several members present were interested but did not want to add another burden to Rhonda Cors' plate. Colby and Rhonda will check into the possibility of such a project and who might be available to coordinate.

Orlo Austin asked each board member to research student success stories for the conference. Orlo will provide a template to follow for the stories.

Date for the January meeting tentatively set for Monday and Tuesday, January 27th and 28th in Itasca.

Rhonda Cors motioned for the meeting to adjourn; Kathy Facenda seconded. Meeting adjourned at 4:34 p.m.

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