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Award Descriptions

Meritorious Service Award
Description: The Meritorious Service Award is considered to have an extremely high value.

Criteria for Selection: This award is considered to be of extremely high importance and therefore the recipient must have made significant contributions to the profession, association(s) or education in general. The selection is based upon leadership or work on special projects. It is not required that these projects last for the entire year or for an extended length of time; they could also be for a single accomplishment. Nominees may be financial aid administrators or people from related fields who merit consideration. The nominee need not be a member of ILASFAA.

New Professional Recognition Award
Description: The New Professional Award is given annually to recognize the outstanding contributions of an individual who has been in the financial aid profession five years or less.

Criteria for Selection: Individuals will have demonstrated interest in ILASFAA activities, participated in professional meetings, and shown growth in the financial aid profession. This individual will be held in high regard by his or her peers.

Committee of the Year Award
Description: The Committee of the Year Award is a very high award given annually to the members of a committee. The purpose is to recognize those members of a committee who performed in an outstanding fashion.

Criteria for Selection: Consideration for this award shall be given to any ILASFAA Committee for a special function, conference, project or workshop during the President's term in office. The committee selected for the award should have made a contribution to the betterment of ILASFAA in a manner which is unique or truly significant and brings distinction to the group as a result.

President's Award
Description: The President's Award is considered to be one of ILASFAA's highest awards and is considered to have very high importance. It is given at the discretion of the President and is optional.

Criteria for Selection: The President selects the recipient of this award based on the individual's contribution to the Association during the President's term in office. The criteria to be used is based on the President's discretion or initiative, but may in fact be based on the completion of a special task, publication, survey or a host of other criteria.

Recognition of Retirement Awards
Description: Recognition of Retirement is given to those who retire from the financial aid profession during the current year. The recognition is considered to have a high level of importance.

Criteria for Selection: The criteria for this recognition is based on retirement from the financial aid profession due to reasons of health, age or institutional eligibility. The person must have served the most recent ten (10) years as a member of a financial aid office or in a position eligible for membership in ILASFAA. The retirement must have taken place during the current year or be scheduled to take place within 6 months immediately following the conference. The individual must be an ILASFAA member during the year prior to retirement.

Sustained Service Awards
Description: The Sustained Service Award is presented to regular members of the Association and is considered to have high importance.

Criteria for Selection: The recipient must have been active in the profession for a minimum of 10 years and have made substantive contributions to ILASFAA.

Award History

History of ILASFAA Awards as of June 2016

Lifetime Achievement Award
2015-2016 Mark Holysz
2007-2008 Orlo Austin

Sustained Service Award
2016-2017 Ruth A Pusich
Michelle M Cornell
Samuel T Nelson
2015-2016 Jamie Petersen
Sherry Summary
2014-2015 Amanda Fijal
Karen A. Belling
Cheryl L. Howerton
2013-2014 Salinda "Jo" Branson
2012-2013 Kim Eck
Michelle Stipp
2011-2012 (Not Awarded)
2010-2011 Paula Luff
2009-2010 Joanna Dye
2008-2009 Michelle Trame, Mary Shaw
2007-2008 Jana Albrect, Maureen Amos, Janet Ingargiola
2006-2007 Mark Holysz, Terri Hare, Doug Carlson
2005-2006 Sue Swisher, John Jennetten
2004-2005 Karen LeVeque, Janet Ozuna
2003-2004 Eric Weems, Kathy Facenda, Jack Lyons
2002-2003 Nancy Calvert, Cheryl Warmann
2001-2002 Janeen Decharinte, Tena Jones
2000-2001 Joanna Dill, Colby Sellers
1999-2000 Bob Andersen, Howard Florine
1998-1999 Ann Acton, Dan Mann
1997-1998 Sally Floyd, Gary Rold, Herschel Wallace
1996-1997 Dick Nelli, Donna Sobie, Mary Ann Watkins
1995-1996 Francois Hajduk, William Bushaw, Marsha Weiss
1994-1995 Pamela Britton, Jone Zieren
1993-1994 Bruce Foote, Donna Peltz
1992-1993 Richard Steudel, Pamela Wagener, Katherine Edmunds
1991-1992 James Heeren, David Sprenkle, Loretta Franklin
1990-1991 John Flynn, Robert Clement, Charles Deacon Jones

Meritorious Service Award
2016-2017 (Not Awarded)
2015-2016 Kim Eck
2014-2015 Susan Swisher
2013-2014 Jamie Malone
2012-2013 Paula Luff
2011-2012 Michelle Trame
2010-2011 Pam Lytel
Mary Shaw
Walter O'Neill
2009-2010 (Not Awarded)
2008-2009 Nancy Calvert
2007-2008 Chris Peterson
2006-2007 Bruce Foote
2005-2006 Larry Matejka
2004-2005 J. Robert Barr
2003-2004 Bill Bushaw
2002-2003 (Not Awarded)
2001-2002 (Not Awarded)
2000-2001 (Not Awarded)
1999-2000 Dan Mann
1998-1999 Dallas Martin
1997-1998 Vicki Shipley
1996-1997 Rebecca Waltrip
1995-1996 Senator Paul Simon
1994-1995 Donna Sobie
1993-1994 Sally Floyd
1992-1993 Ann Acton
1991-1992 Orlo Austin
1990-1991 Pamela Britton

Recognition of Retirement Award
2016-2017 (None Submitted)
2015-2016 (None Submitted)
2014-2015 Robert (Bob) Andersen
Laurel (Laurie) Anema
Mary Dorrell
2013-2014 Doris Butts
Jerry Donna
Suzanne Heberer
Suzanne Mostafavifar
Holly Pickowitz
Deb Stiefel
Pamela Wagener
2012-2013 Lorraine Baker
Nancy Dole
Lee Bursi
Paula Clendenen
Rita King
Theresa Morgan
2011-2012 Doug Carlson
Charles Carothers
Deborah Russell
Cheryl Schaffer
Mindy Silvernale
David Weinberger
Donna Williams
2010-2011 Mike Dessimoz
Kathy Gerecke
Karnella Kirkwood
Chris Peterson
2009-2010 Mary Deatherage
Marshall Jennings
Howard Florine
Nancy Calvert
Bob McCarthy
Bill Bushaw
2008-2009 Lynn O. Nichelson
Janice J. Wayland
Suzanne P. Woolfson
Jone A. Zieren
2007-2008 Pamela Barclay
Rhonda Cors
Linda Dersch
Patsy Emery
Teresa (Terry) Jackson
John Jennetten
Deborah Kull
Jack Lyons
Marie Ortiz
Colby Sellers
Mona Thurman
2006-2007 Larry Matejka
Judith Thompson
Marsha Weiss
Albert Widhalm
2005-2006 Orlo Austin
Katherine Edmunds
Ruth Howlett
Louise White
2004-2005 Jack Getchel
Mary Beth Maloney
2003-2004 Ann Acton
Robert Clement
Margo Draper
Lana Harn
2002-2003 Betty Armstrong
Sheila Pruden
Vicki Shipley
Larry Askew
Yula Jones
Gary Rieman
Marian Smithson
2001-2002 Charles Crews
Richard Cook
2000-2001 Joyce Glover-Stanley
Gary Rogers
1999-2000 Betty Byrd

New Professional Recognition Award
2016-2017 (Not Awarded)
2015-2016 (Not Awarded)
2014-2015 Aesha Williams
2013-2014 Andrew Viscariello
2012-2013 Alex DeLonis
2011-2012 Dawn Good
2010-2011 (Not Awarded)
2009-2010 Janelle Wade
2008-2009 Mary Brown
2007-2008 Jaime Peterson
2006-2007 Tim Wendt
2005-2006 Aimee Jimenez
2004-2005 Marcia Wells
2003-2004 Karen Morozink
2002-2003 (Not Awarded)
2001-2002 (Not Awarded)
2000-2001 Rhonda Cors
1999-2000 Michelle Greer
1998-1999 David Peterson
1997-1998 Lori Hall
1996-1997 Pam Maciulewicz
1995-1996 April Helm
1994-1995 Gary Rogers
1993-1994 Brian J. Terry
1992-1993 Marie Gumler
1991-1992 (Not Awarded)
1990-1991 Sam Nelson

President's Award
2016-2017 Marcus D Szymanoski
2015-2016 Pam Lytel
2014-2015 Samuel T. Nelson
2013-2014 Jamie Petersen
2012-2013 Marchello Johnson
2011-2012 Cheryl Howerton
2010-2011 Mark Holysz
2009-2010 Jana Albrecht
2008-2009 Mary Shaw
2007-2008 Michelle Trame
2006-2007 Janet Ingargiola
2005-2006 Donna Sobie
2004-2005 Susan Swisher
2003-2004 Terri Hare
2002-2003 (Not Awarded)
2001-2002 Nancy Calvert
2000-2001 Michelle Trame
1999-2000 Lori Hall
1998-1999 Bob Anderson
1997-1998 Donna Peltz
1996-1997 Sharon Sweeney
1995-1996 Joanna Dill
1994-1995 Dan Mann
1993-1994 Donna Sobie
1992-1993 Howard Florine
1991-1992 Herschel Wallace
1990-1991 Jone Zieren
1989-1990 Francois Hajduk
1988-1989 Rich Stuedel
1987-1988 John Flynn
1986-1987 Nancy Donley
1985-1986 John Jennetten
1984-1985 Greg Miller
1983-1984 B. Ann Hageman
1982-1983 Dennis Wentworth
1981-1982 Steve Bellin

Committee of the Year Award
2016-2017 Conference Facilities
Nancy J Askins, Co-Chair
Jacqueline A Griffin, Co-Chair
2015-2016 Legislative Issues
Mark Szymanoski, Chair
2014-2015 ILASFAA/ISAC Rules and Operations
Cheryl S. Warmann, Chair
Jana L. Albrecht
Benjamin B. Ashworth
Kathy Bangasser
Johan M. Brown
Kim A. Eck
Susan M. Gatlin
Nancy S. Merz
David Perry
Clarice Taylor Merriman

2017 Years of Service Awards
45 Years Orlo B Austin
35 Years William Henderson
John K Lyons
Linda M Pappas
Susan Swisher
Patricia A Williamson
30 Years Ann Acton
Janeen M Decharinte
Kathleen A Facenda
Michael Liebich
Tom J Ramaeker
25 Years Scott G Ahlgren
Wendy Funk
Rodney D Landrum
Pamela M Lytel
Steven J Markese
Lolita Pippens
Katherine A Taylor
20 Years Diana L Daily
Jane M Foster
Tara R Haddadin
Jennifer S Hernandez
Pat M Jackson
Rodney Lumpkins
Michelle A Stipp
Ollie M Thomas
Candice M Todd
Stephanie A Vickery
John G Whiteside

2016 Years of Service Awards
40 Years Mark Holysz
35 Years Briget Jans
Mary Wright
Winfred New Gilbert
30 Years Dolly Dietrich
Cheryl Warmann
Mary Lawson
25 Years Rita Adams
Bryant Anderson
Becky Birdsell
Gail Erb
Jaime Gonzalez
Cindi Stonesifer
Michelle Trame
Eileen Twardowski
Andrea Watkins
Laura Wethington
Carrie Wolf
20 Years Maureen Amos
Ada Chin
Elizabeth Looney
Jennifer Prusko
Sherry Summary

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